Waxing Treatments

Waxing Treatments

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You name it, we wax it! From your eyebrows down, we can have you sexy, shiny and smooth, looking and feeling your best in no time.

How Long Should Waxing Last?

Waxing will normally last 4-6 weeks

If you are new to waxing you may need to be waxed a little more regularly for the first few times.
Here’s why.

Your hairs grow at different times, so if you previously shaved you need to get them growing all at the same time. Once we have reached that goal your waxing treatments will be every 4 to 6 weeks

Does It Hurt?

Many ladies tend to shy away from waxing, especially intimate waxing, as they are afraid it will hurt them or damage their skin. At Skinplicity we are sensitive to this and use expert techniques and specialist wax to reduce any discomfort to a minimum for you.

This is why we have the Perron Rigot Wax option, which has been especially formulated to reduce any pain when it comes to waxing in general, but specifically for those delicate intimate areas.

Why Perron Rigot Wax?

Perron Wax is a hot wax and the heat encourages your pores and hair follicles to open up making it easier to remove hair. Because the hot wax is able to cling to the hair as it dries on the skin it is super effective at stripping out that hair without irritating your skin.

Perron wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin reducing the pain of waxing by 50% as it encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged.

With its creamy texture, formulated with hydrating coconut oil leaving your skin not only hair free, but soft, smooth and hydrated.

Pillars of Perron wax success

  • Exceptional hair removal
  • A more comfortable waxing experience
  • For all skin types even the most sensitive
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth and hydrated

Exfoliate! How To Make The Most Of Your Waxing Treatment

Why Exfoliate?

Proper exfoliation removes dead skin cells which clog the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This allows for waxing to lift the hair from the root, preventing hair breakage and producing a much better result, it also prevents in growing hair.

Exfoliating two or three times a week after waxing is a must as it helps to avoid in growing hairs and bumps that come with regrowth.
For your Body

I highly recommend using Tropic Body Smooth which is full of mineral-rich sea salts that buff away dead skin and has golden jojoba and macadamia oils that deeply soften and moisturise for that polished smooth skin, it smells gorgeous too with an invigorating blend of lemon myrtle, bergamot, lime and eucalyptus essential oils.
For your face

Tropic face smooth which has bamboo silica spheres to loosen and lift dead skin cells on your face with antioxidant rich açai berry and elderberry extracts which leaves your skin glowing.

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